Regular Season

Registering for the Season

What's new with registration:

We will no longer be using the PlanetHS platform, which will make things much easier for everyone involved. Our new platform will be and the best part is, all you will need is to send in a current physical form to


Please contact Christine Bauers at or by pone at 719-328-3665. Mrs. Bauers will be in the office on Monday August 2nd from 7:15-3:15 to collect sports fees.

2021 XC Workout Calendar

Daily Practices

The season officially starts on August 9th. You need to have all of your paperwork handled before you can practice.

We will meet every day at 3:20 in room 408 (Coach Stoughton's Room). This will give you plenty of time to get dressed in the locker rooms and get ready for practice.

Depending on the workout for the day, practice will end between 5:00 and 5:30.

2021 CoRUNado XC Schedule

Meet Schedule

This is the initial draft of our schedule. More info will be included as it becomes available!

Regional Week JV Championships!

October 18th-23rd

Running Week


The Epic Throwdown between:

Canon City vs. Coronado vs. Harrison vs. Mesa Ridge vs. Palmer vs. Widefield vs. Woodland Park

Having a successful pasta party:

Pasta Party Central

Hints for Hosting a Pasta Party

Pasta: Allow about 5-6 people per pound. You can cook in advance and store in refrigerator, then warm pasta in microwave or quick boil 2 minutes before serving. Some hosts have a gluten free choice.

Sauce: About ½ cup per person. Some serve meat sauce and have a vegetarian choice. Crock pots work great for a pasta party.

Drinks: We recommend water.

Sides: The runners will be assigned sides by class, usually bread, salad, fruit, or dessert.

Other items: Extra-large garbage bags, heavy dinner plates, large cups, napkins, plastic forks, soft butter for bread, parmesan cheese shaker, salad dressings, several serving utensils, multi plug in for cords

Your helpers can bring pasta, sauce, cut bread, fill water cups, etc. The runners will take their shoes off at your door. Most hosts hope for good weather and kids eat outside. Thanks so much for hosting!

October 4-9

Super Training Week Info!

Sept 27-Oc1 1

Doherty Meet Week and Info

XC Parent Packet

Parent Meeting

The official parent meeting is on August 11th, starting at 6:30 in the auditorium.

Weight Plan for XC.pdf

Season Weight Plan

Cross Country Week 3

Week 3 Info

Aug 30-Sep 4

Meet info for Friday Sep 3

Air Acad Invite.pdf

Air Academy Meet Info


Cougar Classic Week!